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11 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a Sale

There are plenty of ways to a quick sale. Don’t wait until the universe and the stars align. Here are tips to help make this possible on your own: 

Remove Everything Personal
Anything that makes buyers associate the home with you keeps them from imagining themselves in that space as if it were theirs alone. So take out all the personal elements, Investopedia recommends. Leave the house bare of anything that might point to you or your family. From religious artifacts or decors to family photos, make sure you keep these well out of sight. 

Clean the Home to a Spotless Shine

Make sure to clean every inch of the space. Mildew in the bathroom? Do your best to scrub it out. Cobwebs on the ceiling? Eliminate them with a broom or a rag. Stained, dirty floors? Wash, scrub and wipe them to a shine. Leave no furniture unturned. Wipe down every bit of surface in your home. Make sure everything is clean and that no particle or speck of dust is left. Do this before the potential buyers come in. You want them to see how clean, spotless, and wonderful your home is. You want them to see how great it is. That means getting rid of the dirt, dust, and grime from every dark nook and cranny. 

Get Rid of the Clutter

When it comes to frivolous accessories or other distracting pieces of decor inside your home that don’t add anything meaningful to the ambiance or mood you want to create for your potential buyers, you’ll want to remember to keep these out of sight as well. Don’t toss them inside the closet, though. Plenty of prospective homeowners check out closet space. Haul these off to a temporary storage space instead. 

Eliminate Odors

Do you have pets? Then it’s likely that your pet has left some unpleasant odors around the home. Creating the perfect buying environment for your clients means providing them with the best experience possible and that includes keeping them from getting close to the rug that still stinks of your cat’s marking or the mat that smells of your dog’s tussle with a dead bird he found and rolled outside with in the dirt. Maybe you never got around to cleaning the rug or that mat. Well, there’s no better time than now to make sure you get rid of these odors from your home. Also, if you’ve got mildew-covered tiles, then these could send out unpleasant smells too. Clean that up as well to get the property smelling great.

Stick with Warm Walls

Newly painted walls do so much to make a room come alive. However, instead of going with bland and boring choices, houzz suggests using warm colors to make the space that much more welcoming to buyers. A splash of paint can be all that’s necessary to get guests to see the property in a completely different light. 

List Your Home Online  

There’s no better way to reach a wider market these days than to take your listing online. That’s where property-listing portals come in. You can list a house for sale in Jakarta using Rumah and wait until the buyer’s start coming in. With everything online, it’s incredibly easy for just about anyone to come across your listing, wherever they happen to be across the country or in the world. You’re not just limiting your properties to a local pool of buyers, you’re going global. And for foreigners looking for a chance to settle down in Jakarta, your property offers them a wonderful chance to get a taste of what’s it like to live in the city. The more people who catch your listing, the more prospective buyers you have. 

Sell it as a Fixer-Upper

Fixer-uppers don’t go for as much as picture-perfect homes but they might just be the thing to get your property sold in record time if you come across the right buyers—those who have enough time, energy and funds to create the home they want, exactly in the way they want it. This way, though, you won’t have to spring for a lot of the repairs. You could leave the rest to the new owners as soon as you all sign on the dotted line. 

Let There Be Light

Don’t forget to open the curtains and blinds to let in as much of the natural light as possible. This adds a sense of airiness to the space, making it roomier and charming for many potential buyers. If your light fixtures are old or broken in any way, make sure you replace them before any of your potential buyers darken your doorstep. Also, remember to clean off any dust or grime from your lighting fixtures. It can be easy to miss this, especially if you’re totally focused on the walls and floors. Some buyers take special note of the smallest details. And they might not be too keen on seeing a layer of dust on anything, much less on your lighting. You wouldn’t want to turn off a prospective buyer from making an offer simply because of a pair of dirty lights or more. 

Pay Attention to Size  

Pick furniture pieces in sizes that are just right for the room. If the pieces are too big, the room will look smaller and crowded. If you use too those that are a mite too small, they could leave too much space around, creating a vacant vibe instead of the warm, welcoming one you want. 

Be Ready All the Time

Your buyers won’t be coming around based on a schedule. So you’ve got to be ready to show your home the minute a buyer wants to come by and take a look around. Keep the sink clear of any dishes and your dishwasher clean. Your bathroom must always be spotless and get those dust bunnies or cobwebs off your corners. Being vigilant in keeping everything clean is going to go a long way to helping you keep it ready for any unexpected visitors. 

Nail the First Impression

Buyers often have an idea of your home even before they walk through the door. So put everything you’ve got into making sure you provide them with the best first impression possible. Make them feel welcome, safe and at home by fixing your curb and entryways. That’s the first thing they see of the structure. And if it’s dirty, or if something is broken, that could set the entire tone of their visit to a negative experience and put them off the rest of the property for good, even before they manage to complete the tour. However, if you put a vase or a plate of cookies or a pitcher of cold water and glasses as a way to welcome them, that could be the perfect personal touch to get them into the right frame of mind, maybe put them in a buying mood, and make them more inclined to give an offer you can’t refuse. 

So keep these tips on the forefront when you start to sell some property. Don’t let your property sit around for too many months on the market. Get an offer as soon as you want. With useful tips like these, you’ll be able to sell your home in no time.

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